Digital Parenting December

    Digital Parenting December

    About The Campaign

    For the month of December, we are exploring a world of endless possibilities, being a guiding light for those who guided us. #DigitalParentingDecember is not just a campaign, but an initiative to teach the younger ones to be good netizens, which will be instrumental in building a better, safe, informed online community.

    Type: Campaign
    Status: Concluded

    It is a well-researched consensus that children who grew up in the 21st century were more technologically equipped than the previous generation, which created a digital divide between the two. In most households, one may find the children being more tech-savvy than parents. As functional and practical use of the internet from a young age can be, it comes with a long list of ill-effects, ranging from underage exposure to pornography and predators to gaming addiction. To guide the younger ones through the rights and wrongs of the internet and inculcate best practices in them to ensure a productive, socially active, and growth-oriented environment, we have taken up the responsibility to educate the parents and caregivers through #DigitalParentingDecember, wherein we will provide them with the ladder of technological awareness, which will help them in moderating, monitoring, and communicating with their children in an efficient manner. We’ll help the parents in strategizing and managing devices and internet time, educate them on the latest apps and technologies, introduce them to parental controls, etc. This will enable them in ascertaining that their children are the ones using the internet, not the ones being used. #DigitalParentingDecember is one of a kind campaign in our country that will set a benchmark for promoting internet use among the general population, regardless of age.

    Our Aim:

    We believe that the youth are the flag bearers of social change, and they initially learn their values from their parents and caregivers. We aim to start at the source and provide the older generation with the necessary information, knowledge, and a bagful of tips and tricks needed to monitor their child’s activity effectively and promote constructive communication between the two generations. We intend to create a more progressive community that takes the internet and digital platforms as a learning curve rather than an idea of resisted change. We also seek to inform parents and caregivers about the concept of digital parenting and start a discourse to develop best practices in the community. The end-purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness about digital parenting through social media and creating a more informed community online. We’ll be focusing broadly on the following particulars during this campaign:

    1. Online Gaming ‘It’s not a game, it’s serious business’.
    2. How to explain Pornography to a child.
    3. The epidemic of cyberbullying and its solutions.
    4. Unreal cyber world: Fake Body Image, Life Style, Fake Profiles
    5. Online dating norms and scams
    6. Online Grooming
    7. Radicalization
    8. Impact of Screen Time
    9. Privacy and Identity theft

    What are we going to do?

    1. Awareness Campaign: Our community managers will write well-researched blogs, record informative videos, and create memes. We will circulate these on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our team will start a conversation on social media about Digital Parenting and why it is advised to be more communicative and informed when it comes to their child using the internet.
    2. Tweet Chat: Our team will raise awareness and start a dialogue on Twitter about #DigitalParenting and engaging in productive conversations online through tweets.
    3. Digital Parenting Workshops: Our team has curated specially designed 60-minute workshops, through which we aim to disseminate information about digital parenting among those who need it. Our YOLO Ambassadors will be spearheading these workshops with various stakeholders such as teachers, government staff, institutions, NGOs, etc., and disseminate their expertise and training. Our team will make them understand that digital parenting is just normal parenting, with the scope expanded from the real to the digital world.
    4. Pan-India Event: We plan a virtual pan-India event towards the fall of December, which will be culturally-inclusive, geographically diverse, and fundamentally essential in starting a dialogue on the need for digital parenting and why it needs to be adopted widely. Our team will release the details of the event soon!
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