No Hate November

No Hate November

About The Campaign

After the success of our campaigns #SafetySeptember and #OnlineOctober, we dive deep into the nuances of online hate with our campaign #NoHateNovember. We focus on the different aspects of online hate under this campaign, such as cyberbullying, hate speech, image-based sexual abuse, trolling, etc.

Type: Campaign
Status: Concluded

What Do We Aim To Achieve?

Our primary goal is to make the general population aware of the influence of Online Hate on mental and physical well being and hand them the tools and equip them with the techniques to combat this problem effectively. This campaign would create a hate-free online community and have a positive impact on the real world.

What Are We Doing?

  1. Online Safety Workshops: To explain what this campaign is all about, we organize online safety workshops with students and teachers all across the country to emphasize: what is hate speech? How does hate speech spread? How can we combat this? To sensitize our workshop participants on Online Hate, we discuss the types of malicious activities that we often encounter online.
  2. Initiatives by Community Managers: Our team of community managers shall indulge in making creative memes, and informative blogs focused on online hate. These will entail researching different areas covered by Online Hate and disseminating information on Online Hate and how to tackle it effectively and efficiently.
  3. #NoHateNovember Fest: With our #NoHateNovember fest, we aim to start a discourse on the evolving nature, the new challenges in the dark side of the digital world, namely Online Hate. To promote cultural diversity and break linguistic barriers, we are organizing YOLO Talks in 5+ regional languages, focusing on the issue of Online Hate. Students, colleges, and eminent activists, who are experts on the subject matter of Online Hate, will be coming together to participate and engage in this fest. Their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experience will provide us with a kaleidoscopic understanding of the digital challenges and help us find the probable solutions to them. With its webinars, panel discussions, and competitions, this fest is a unique event that focuses on and stresses the growing importance of online safety in the face of online hate.
    1. We are hosting the following events under the #NoHate Fest:
    2. Two Webinars by eminent speakers and luminaries focusing on Online Hate
    3. Panel Discussion involving esteemed activists discussing Online Hate
    4. An event on Mental Health for all participants
    5. Slam the Hate: Spoken Word Poetry Competition
    6. Spill the Paint on Hate: Poster Making competition
After addressing online safety in October, we focus on Youth’s voice against Online Hate during this month of November.
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