About the Fest:

    With the year ending, YOLO decided to take charge and venture out into the world of efficient parenting with #DigitalParentingDecember. In pursuance of this campaign, YOLO in collaboration with Wranga organised the Digital Parenting Fest to start a dialogue and emphasize the importance of Digital Parenting as an everyday practice in this age to stay in consonance with the biggest technological paradigm shift in the 21st century. This fest brought together participants from all across the country who elaborated on digital parenting and online safety, seen through the lens of a student. We also had luminaries from various sectors of the industry, who shed light on the importance of adding this new way of parenting to our lives and how it will groom and polish the current and the upcoming generations for the future. The Digital Parenting Fest was a hub for cultural inclusivity and we pursued our motto, i.e., social media for social change.

    Digital Parenting Fest
    Preceding the fest, we organized YOLO Talks in multiple regional languages to promote cultural diversity and inclusivity. These are listed as follows:


    Ms. Nikita Bokil


    Ms. Dyuthi Kurian


    Mr. Harsha Chanda

    We hosted the following events under the Digital Parenting Fest:

    1. Webinars by eminent speakers and luminaries focusing on Digital Parenting
    2. PanelPanel Discussion involving esteemed activists discussing “How to talk to children about Pornography?”
    3. STOP. THINK. CHECK. - The Online Safety Quiz
    4. Stakeholders’ Meet on the agenda: Reviewing Online Privacy Laws in India
    Keynote Speaker:

    Ms. Ridhima Pandey is an activist from India who campaigns for action against climate change. At age nine, she filed a suit against the Indian Government on the basis that they had not taken the significant steps against climate change that they had agreed to in the Paris Agreement. This court case was presented in the National Green Tribunal (NGT), a court that was established in 2010 that deals solely with environmental cases. Ms. Ridhima also asked the Government to prepare a plan to reduce carbon emissions and a nationwide plan to curb the impact of climate change, including reducing India's use of fossil fuels. One of the 16 young activists who filed a lawsuit in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, her mission is to "save the future". Recently, she was among four Indians featured in the BBC’s 2020 list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world.

    Keynote Speaker:

    Mr. Jayant Misra is associated with UNODC South Asia as an expert consultant on drug law enforcement. A career civil servant, Mr. Misra joined the Indian Revenue Service, Government of India in 1981. Prior to UNODC, he served as the Director-General of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. His last assignment before leaving the Government in 2019 was Chairman of the Settlement Commission. He has held several important positions including Member, Customs, Excise and Service Tax Settlement Commission; Director-General of GST and Systems. Mr. Misra previously served as the Chief Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise Zone, Vadodara (Gujarat), the Development Commissioner of NEPZ, Ministry of Commerce, and Joint Director in Rajya Sabha. He was also a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Allahabad University. A graduate in Physics, he holds a Masters in History; Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance, and a degree in Law from Delhi University. His hobbies include Photography, Travel, and Reading.

    Speakers for Webinar:

    Ms. Leher Sethi is an engineer and social activist. She is the secretary to the Indian Council for Human Relations (ICHR) and Indian Council for UN Relations (ICUNR). ICUNR awarded Ms. Sethi with the International Women’s Day while honoring Outstanding Women Achievers in 2013. She has been a vocal advocate of women’s rights.


    Mr. Shawrya Mehrotra is the founder of Metvy and an alumnus of Kirori Mal College and Y Combinator Startup School. Mr. Shawrya has worked with multiple early-stage startups in diverse roles. He’s an acclaimed Public Speaker with over 50 engagements - for initiatives like RedBull Basement, Hult Prize, Rotaract Club, LinkedIn Local apart from premier institutes like IIMs, IITs, and top Delhi University colleges. Mr. Shawrya also got to work with clients like Vodafone during his tenure with Ogilvy.


    Mr. Rishwin Jethi is a lawyer who identifies with cyberspace and tech. Mr. Jethi is currently working with Lawyered as a Business Development Manager and has experience of working with the biggest law firms in India. An advocate of cybersafety and avid tech-geek, Mr. Jethi supports the need for creating safe and accessible cyberspace for all.


    Ms. Ananya Mukherjee is a research fellow at India Water Partnership, Ms. Ananya is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Environment and Development at the School of Human Ecology, Ambedkar University Delhi. She pursued Botany (Hons) during her graduation from Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, and graduated in 2019. A firm believer in the social, political, cultural, and economic equality of all gender identities, Ms. Ananya’s academic interests majorly lie in the fields of sustainable development, farm distress in India, the involvement of women in agriculture, famines, food security, and farmers' well being, organic agriculture, rural development, etc.


    Ms. Sanskriti Srivastava Leadership - YOLO, CO-founder and Trustee of Sarvahitey.

    STOP. THINK. CHECK. - The Online Safety Quiz:

    Ms. Chirashree Dasgupta is a teacher at Venkateshwar International School. Throughout her career, she has conducted numerous GK Quizzes with lots of students and organizations. She also has experience in managing the quizzing clubs Exypnos and Vor Enkies. Ms. Dasgupta is the Debate adjudicator of the Global Organiser’s World Scholars cup. Ms. Dasgupta was our distinguished quizmaster for the event.

    Stakeholders’ Meet:

    Mr. Pratham Sharma is currently pursuing B.A. LL.B. from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies in Delhi. He currently works with a research startup ‘Internationalism’ and has previously worked in the field of Arbitration. He has a keen interest in International law, International politics, and diplomacy in addition to Indian politics. He hopes to work in the fields of his interests someday and make a difference in society. He moderated the Stakeholders’ Meet for our fest.