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Project Paper Bridge

As the name suggests, Project Paper Bridge started with a pursuit of bridging the gap between diverse cultures and communities through books. This project started with a dream of connecting geographically and culturally disadvantaged communities to the rest of India through libraries. We created a unique model, which helped us in starting libraries at a minimal cost.

Type: Project
Status: Ongoing

Our Objective:

Our objective of this project is to build 1000 libraries in India, especially in geographically and culturally disadvantaged parts of the country. Through these libraries, we aim to promote:
  1. A culture of reading 
  2. Capacity building 
  3. Digital literacy 
  4. Women and youth empowerment 
  5. Career counseling 
  6. Cultural exchange 
  7. Legal awareness


This project has only been possible because of our team's vast book donation drives in India's major cities and even people from the USA, UK, and Ireland have shown up and donated hundreds of books.

What makes these libraries unique is their presence in India's most vulnerable regions, including areas of Nagaland and Kashmir and Naxal affected areas of Jharkhand.


How Are We Achieving Our Goal?

For this project, we worked closely with various governments and district administrations. We connected extensively with different organizations such as schools, offices, and even families to help us in this endeavor to collect as many books as possible. Even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t dampen our zeal, and we started leveraging Social Media to reach out to more book donors. To date, we have set up 300+ such libraries across 10 States, and UTs impacting over 1.4 lakh children across the country. Around 100 libraries have been built in North East India itself through this unique cultural exchange. These libraries have become a cultural melting pot, with books from all over India arriving at these remote destinations. Help us build a unique library in Nagaland with one book from each and every district of India