YOLO Kids

    It is a project by Sarvahitey powered by YOLO, which is aimed at fulfilling the dreams of the children who crave education and schooling but cannot avail it due to socio-economic factors. The idea behind the project was to create an educated space among the underprivileged community, where we could disseminate knowledge to those who ask for it.

    Type: Project
    Status: Ongoing
    YOLO Kids

    Our Objective:

    Our objective is to provide education to the underprivileged kids in the society who do not have access to books, school, and education in general.

    This project is an extension of Sarvahitey’s Vidya Vistar project wherein underprivileged children were being given free and quality education for 4 years. However, the project was badly hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. YOLO revived the project by switching to the online mode of teaching for these kids.

    How Are We Achieving Our Goal?

    Our team reaches out to such children and teaches them various subjects, mostly focusing on practical learning and real-life applications. Second-hand mobile phones and laptops are collected by our team as donations from all over India, which are then put to use in teaching the kids through online sessions, following safety guidelines in the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team also provided training on how to use video conferencing apps. Online classes are being conducted for over 21 students as of now in Delhi NCR, and we are planning to increase the strength of the students. Subjects such as General Awareness, English, and Science are being taught to the kids.

    Over 4 years, students hailing from diverse socio-economic backgrounds have been helped through our centers in many cities such as Gurugram, Lucknow, Noida, Delhi, and Patna. These kids have lived their lives in slums, and their families are mostly involved in labor-intensive activities to earn their daily bread. In the form of education, they see a ray of stability in their otherwise uncertain future.

    (Help us in our endeavor, Donate used devices)