Digital Parenting: An Online Safety Perspective

    In this pandemic, we all are stuck at home with movie theatres closed and no restaurants to dine in, Each and every individual is spending more of their lives online. While traditional social media sites have been growing, it seems that we want to do more than just connect through messaging and text — we want to see one another.

    In this pandemic, we have become more and more dependent on the internet, be it for work or boredom, each and every one of us is dependent on the internet in some or other way.

    Children are the most sensitive ones and keeping them safe online is a multifaceted task. Keeping an eye on children is necessary, Security on the computer is necessary. Setting parental controls on the computer is important.

    • Remind children to think about what they post.
      Making them aware of what they should post, they shouldn’t post details about where they are or what they plan to do. Tell them how much it is dangerous to share personal information online.
    • Protect your computer
      Parental controls are important, make sure the computer or device your child is using has security protections on it: anti-virus software and firewalls are an important part of helping prevent unauthorized access of infections from viruses.
    Limitations can be set so that extra time isn’t spent wandering through potentially inappropriate or unsafe websites.

    One of the best ways to monitor your child is to be with your child!

    • Play together online.
      The best way to monitor online usage is to be there when your child is using the computer. So consider playing some games together—some fun suggestions include online jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles.
    • Make trips and plans with your children!
      Who wants to play on the computer when there is a massive beach to explore, hills to be skied or sledded down, or water parks to visit.
    • Facebook and other social media handles.
      In this 21st century, each and everyone is having a Facebook I’d or other social media handles, even the children aged 5-6 as well. So the task of the parents is to keep their children safe from this online world.
    Frauds, cybercrime, cyberbullying, and hackers. Make your child understand how to be more active and smart while using these social media handles.

    Never post anything personal on these social media.

    No personal information should be included, no sensitive photo should be uploaded by them.

    Lockdown your personal profiles (to private) and audit your followers to ensure that you know every person who follows you, you know in person.

    Do not use the same email address for all your profiles/accounts. Instead, create separate email IDs for individual activities such as gaming and social networking, forum participation, banking accounts, etc.

    Don’t forget to update your privacy settings, it can cost you an arm.

    Never skip two-step verification. It is very important to stay updated to be safe online!

    Awareness of online safety is very important in our lives. One should be aware of what can happen with just a single click on a strange link.

    Be aware and keep a check on your friends, family, and other loved ones.

    Never put a simple password like your name, your DOB as it can be easy to guess!