Solutions for Maintaining Online Safety

    With the lockdown on its course, our social media consumption has only been on the rise. While social media and the internet itself needs no introduction, what must be borne in mind is that the information that you share online goes a long way, and in different ways. Here are a few tips on how to save yourself from all these perils that come with the Internet:

    1. Identity theft: Oversharing information with strangers is a strict no-no! Remember that the more information you share online, the easier it is for hackers/malicious parties to use this information for their purposes.
    2. Password protection: A memory and laziness are enemies to a habit of changing passwords after every few months. But, hear me out! What if I told you that it becomes easier for hackers to hack into your accounts if you don’t change your passwords regularly? Does that worry you a little? Great! Now, go, change that password of yours! Oh, also, make sure to have different passwords for different accounts!
    3. Beware of suspicious emails and texts: That email from some random Bank Account telling you that you won a lottery seems very promising, doesn’t it? Does it look suspicious, though? Then dump it into the bin right away! Several fraud companies are looking out for their chances to rob people with such bogus emails and texts! And if not that, who knows what virus that lottery callout carries?! Avoid opening/clicking on such texts and emails.
    4. A friend indeed: Having online friends and the sense of security that comes with it is incredible! However, be careful with who you add to your circle and (this can never be stressed enough) how much information you share with them. You can choose to share more details with some and less with others.
    5. Avoid using public networks: Did you know hackers can easily access your personal information while you are at a public network? Tip of the day: Ensure that you log out of such systems properly after your social network session is over.
    6. Invest in good internet security software: You’ll be surprised to know that the document or the photo you just downloaded off the internet could be malware, just sitting around the corner to damage your files. Only invest in good social security software, and thank us later!
    7. Always be mindful of what you post online and with whom you share all that info! Privacy settings exist for the reason of your comfort. Choose what you are comfortable sharing, and with whom.