Stop Being A Cyberbully

    Is your child cranky, stressed out, and frustrated or the other way around: much too addicted to their smartphones or laptop? Yes, I’m sure you may be thinking it's just “school stress,” or they may be going through a “breakup” or they may be doing something “productive.” I’m sorry, but that may not always be the case! Your child may be a victim of cyberbullying or a cyberbully him/herself. However, what is cyberbullying, you may ask?

    Cyberbullying is simply the harassment or bullying of people digitally, through their smartphone devices or laptops. This can be in the form of online abuse, humiliation, constant harassment, threats, and so on and so forth. Cyberbullies may not always look demonic in nature, but they are surely digital demons. This is mainly because they get to hide behind their smartphones or laptops because of the amazing technology of being able to hide their identities. Your son, daughter, and even your neighbor’s child, uncle, aunt, parent, etc. can be cyberbullies! Don’t think just because you “know” them; they might not be victims or criminals of cyberbullying. Are you still confused? Don’t worry! I’ll help you recognize the different types of cyberbullying:

    • Posting hurtful, nasty, and demeaning comments on their posts
    • Spreading sensitive images of people online
    • Online threats through-provoking or issuing death threats
    • Triggering racial, religious, or political arguments that may offend people
    • Faking an identity to either disguise as someone to ask for personal information or personal pictures
    These are just some of the types of cyberbullying that takes place on the internet. The list, therefore, is not exhaustive- it goes on and on. While we cannot cross-check if we are a victim or criminal of cyberbullying, we can surely be aware of how to be respectful online and identify cyberbullying if it starts taking place. If it offends you or takes over your personal privacy- simply report it! Don’t suffer in silence and end up in a worse off position by not reporting. It happens with everyone (but it does not mean that it is ok). We need to be kinder and more sympathetic to social media. This is the battle that only WE, as people can fight. Be aware and use your two eyes to identify cyberbullying.