Skill Building Workshops

    Skill Building Workshops

    YOLO believes in creating a foundation for young leaders in blending personal skills with innovation. The management has been involved in planning workshops delivered by qualified professionals in uplifting individualized skills and molding expertise and knowledge of youth.

    Type: Project
    Status: Ongoing
    Skill Building Workshops

    Our Objective:

    We aim to integrate the individual potential of interns by developing their skills and personal growth through online training using social media. We have expertise in blending online training sessions and learning opportunities to impart training through qualified professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Excel/Google sheets, content calendar, mental health awareness training sessions are regularly imparted to flourish leadership skills. We have opportunities to learn graphic designing, video making, blog writing, public speaking, time management, and designing social media campaigns to help our interns explore newer avenues in their professional lives.

    How Are We Doing It?

    Skill Building through Industry Experts:

    Industry experts were approached from dynamic fields and their expertise was utilized. Sessions were systematically planned and taken methodically. Training initiatives were taken by the management in building personal competencies of interns. Some of the skills taught to be implemented are as follows:

    1. How to use Facebook effectively 
    2. How to use Twitter effectively 
    3. Public Speaking 
    4.  Training on Building Content Calendar 
    5. Graphic Designing/ Video Making 
    6. Excel/ Google Sheets 
    7. Master your Emotions in Three Steps & Mental Health Awareness Sessions 
    8. Workshop on Mindfulness by Art of Living 
    9. Play Therapy 
    10. Team Building 
    11. Mental Health Awareness

    Skill Building Through Recreational Activities by The Welfare Committee:

    Fun Saturday’s Programs are organized with the ideas of the interns to groom their inner strengths and expand peer learning. Keeping holistic well-being in mind, the Welfare Team organizes recreational sessions and encourages the youths to form buddy groups that helps in relieving their stress. This forum establishes creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and most importantly positive mental health among YOLO interns across districts. The availability of in-house mental health practitioner services is provided to the interns through counseling and workshops.

    Some of the activities we have conducted:

    1. Scavenger Hunt & Quiz Extempore 
    2. Competition in Hindi and English 
    3. Tambola Express through Art 
    4. Competition 
    5. Ludo League 
    6. PUBG League