Assam Floods

    Assam Floods

    About The Campaign

    This is an initiative of Sarvahitey powered by YOLO. Team Sarvahitey has been engaged in providing on ground flood relief in Assam for the last four years. However, this year, the distress caused by the annual Assam Flood was accompanied by the ongoing pandemic, which raised the challenges, but did not lower our spirits.

    Type: Campaign
    Status: Concluded

    Our Objective

    Our campaign was aimed at raising awareness of people about the enhanced effect of the Assam floods due to COVID-19. The 2020 Assam Flood affected 28 out of 33 districts in Assam displacing over 65 lakh people in the state. Additionally, this yearly calamity led to the destruction of the fauna of Kaziranga National Park.

    What did we do?

    We chose the social media platform of Twitter to reach out to a large section of the population, which is ignorant to the devastating effects of the yearly calamity. We used the hashtag #AssamFloods to voice our opinion and bring everyone's attention to this issue. We found our ally in major universities in North East India who were happy to extend their support. One of our founding members, Mr. Prem Prakash was also in conversation with the renowned journalist, Faye D’Souza discussing our yearly flood relief work in Assam. This year, we helped different student collectives and universities in fundraising as well as liaising with the administration for on-ground support. The relief efforts of all organizations were hit by the pandemic and our platform served as a common bridge between all these organizations. Additionally, our team was successful in getting the hashtag #NorthEastMatters and #AssamFloods in India's number 2 trending hashtag and number 1 in all states of North East India with over 1 lakh tweets on Twitter.