Safety September

    Safety September

    About The Campaign

    #SafetySeptember and #OnlineOctober are initiatives by Social Media Matters powered by YOLO through which we intend to disseminate information and knowledge about creating a safe web space for our community in an engaging manner.

    Type: Campaign
    Status: Concluded

    Our Objective

    “With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of online resources has increased exponentially for networking, collaborating, gaining access to information, as well as education. However, even though internet use sky-rocketed during the lockdown, digital literacy hasn't improved, creating an unsafe online environment that has resulted in high cases of online fraud. With this campaign, YOLO and Social Media Matters took a step in furtherance of their mission to provide cyber-literacy to the general population.”

    How Did We Achieve Our Goal?

    Equipped with professionals having experience of conducting 500+ sessions PAN India, our team imparted knowledge and information on online safety through 60-minute workshops. These workshops discussed real-life instances where the online safety of a person could be compromised. Our team has worked with social media stakeholders such as Facebook and Twitter over the last few years and this experience has been the brainchild of an interactive module to guide youngsters on using social media platforms safely. To date, these modules have been successfully used in conducting workshops involving 50,000+ students across 400 universities and colleges in 28 states and 4 Union Territories of India. Our team also used memes, blogs, and short videos to impart knowledge in a more engaging manner over our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and LinkedIn handles.