Vaad Vivaad Samvaad

Vaad Vivaad Samvaad

About The Campaign

Vaad Vivaad Samvaad is a non-political and non-partisan campaign powered by YOLO, which is about the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections in the month of October and November. This election is the first to be conducted amidst the pandemic. Our team intends to increase voter awareness and focus on youth-centric issues through social media during the election period.

Type: Campaign
Status: Ongoing

Our Objective

We aim to create awareness about election SOPs (especially the ones related to the on-going pandemic), as well as combat fake news and hate speech. Additionally we wish to raise grass root issues faced by people of Bihar, thereby contributing to making these elections free and fair.

How do we plan to go about it?

Through this campaign, we will make voters aware of the various guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India. VVS will be undertaken online through social media platforms and we believe this is the best way to tackle and bust fake news and hate speech. The campaign shall also focus on youth-centric issues and constituency-specific manifestos. We also aim to provide a platform for various stakeholders from the state to initiate dialogue through YOLOTalks about the conduct of free and fair elections amidst the pandemic along with encouraging voters to participate in large numbers. Our team plans to highlight data-backed research and government statistics to pick out focus areas that the candidates should address. This campaign will also help in busting misinformation and malpractices in every corner of the state in the weeks preceding the elections. We also want to instill the practice of KYCC (Know Your Constituency and Candidate) in the state, so that it can be followed in the later years as well.