Parents Have A Love-hate Relationship With Youtube

YouTube is a powerful learning platform. You will find a video of just about everything you're trying to learn, whether you're looking at how to tie a Windsor knot, how to remove ants, or how to make the perfect chapati. One mother, Charlotte says, "I love YouTube!" This is the new Encyclopedia Britannica! Unfortunately, you can also see troubling things, so I have to track and prepare the children not to believe everything they see and hear. I'd probably let them build a YouTube channel if it was a positive thing.

On the other hand, we've all had an understanding of how upsetting some of the information can be. Some sick people are obviously trying to get young children to see porn with the use of characters that children would like, with content that is not for children. Kate says, "I had to ban YouTube for my 4-year-old daughter just as soon as I found the 'Spiderman Eggs Elsa' and 'Spiderman Pees on Elsa' channels playing when she was looking, puzzled. Sick people out there and it's not worth getting YouTube if there's a chance for her to come across the Elsa rape scene again. I've been SICKENED."

Other parents have listed Pokemon and other anime outlets that seem to be OK but when they dig deeper, parents describe it as "basically softcore cartoon porn." Parents are worried about one wrong click and your child has seen something they can't see.

Conversation Starters With Kids

When your children begin to find videos they enjoy on YouTube, set up some ground rules early on. You may want to consider allowing a few channels to launch. These are the channels that you personally watched with your children to make sure they are age-appropriate and safe for your child. If your child has been watching YouTube for a while and you're just beginning a talk, here are some ideas to get your kids to participate in a valuable discussion:

  • Tell me exactly what you're watching over there. What do you really like about it?
  • Why do you think that he/she likes to make these videos?
  • Have you seen any videos that you don't like? What did you not like about them?
Remember to ask questions in a non-confrontational way and make sure you're not ready to judge them to help build a safe environment for your children to share.

Mahek Dugar
Mahek Dugar

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