Cyberbullying: A Menace Of Unchecked Internet Use

    In the last time, people had to physically deliver a message or news to someone living in a distant country. Today, technologies have developed to make life much more comfortable and accessible, which in return has made everything to be done just at a push of a button. How can we not expect to grow this far and fast when we humans have evolved from great apes, though, Right?

    The world is changing and developing rapidly; globalization in countries and technological advancement has made the world small and very much interconnected from across any corner of the world where the internet is the joining key platform.

    The Internet is an incredibly vast network that connects people through gadgets that makes all sorts of communication, transactions easily accessible at the tip of your fingers. And it is also said that the internet is the most critical driver of globalization.

    Now let’s look at the aspects the internet carries. Everything around us has two elements: good and bad. In some way or the other, it depends upon that particular person choosing or going towards which aspect.

    The positive or good aspect that the internet has provided us would be the interconnectivity to our family, friends, and relatives worldwide. It also has an abundance of information that is helpful for anyone of any age, be it online transactions, or even online shopping, also connecting with people through social media platforms. And the list of things that the internet has made easily accessible can go on and on.

    On the other hand, as the internet and social media are easily accessible and easy to use for everyone, it has provided them the way to harass, extort, bully, shame, threats, etc. to others online. One of the increasing issues half of the population might have faced is Cyberbullying, also known as Online Bullying.

    So, What exactly is Cyberbullying?

    “The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.”

    In simpler terms, cyberbullying happens over various devices, including mobile phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. It transpires over social media platforms, text messages, or any other form of online media where people choose to share or connect. The chances of bullying increase substantially by commenting, sending, sharing, or posting any negative, harmful, or mean, or even private information about some other person leading to humiliation and mental and emotional distress.

    Are you aware of the effects that occur due to Cyberbullying?

    Any person who has faced cyberbullying experiences various emotions and these generally have long and short-term effects. It can also vary from person to person.

    The former explains that people may suffer from it even long after it ends. Because being bullied can lead to lifetime trauma, low self-esteem, and various times it may cause chronic fatigue, insomnia. Whereas the later one explains that people can suffer severe depression, decrease in self-esteem, or being stressed or anxious.

    And various other consequences are fear, humiliation, self-doubt, emotional imbalance, isolation, vengeful. Even this has led to many people having or attempting the suicidal activity.

    {Here’s an example of 2 movies that explained this effectively: Ralph Breaks the Internet and Cyber bully}

    Here’s a bunch of facts checks on cyberbullying in India, which explains that one out of ten adolescents have experienced cyberbullying, and most of them don’t even report about it. Simultaneously, the other one explains that India ranks on the third list worldwide after Singapore and China in cyberbullying.

    As the accessibility of using the internet and social media is increasing rapidly, people are being very careless about how they are using it.

    Keeping in mind the situation and issue that’s causing humans their sanity, you yourselves have to be protected and safe from all these kinds of wrong activities that take place online. You need to keep yourselves updated about online safety and security and also to stand tall when anything goes wrong with you and speak about it and report it.

    • Make sure you aren’t sharing any personal information online and check up on what you post on social media.
    • Make sure your privacy settings are on.
    • Make sure your internet connection is secure.
    • Be careful of what you download; check whether the website isn’t asking for any private info.
    • Always choose a strong password, which shouldn’t have any kind of personal information.
    • Make sure all types of online transactions are secure and safe.
    • Ask for help if being harassed or bullied online, report about it to forums. {Many laws enacted considering this issue}
    “Help yourself, under how bad and horrible any sort of cybercrime is. And what effects it has on humans. Suppose you see anybody going through the same online, being bullied or shamed by someone else. Do help them by not going in the same black hole of bullying others, instead of supporting them and uplift them.’’

    “Let’s make our tad bit of contribution wherever needed to make this world a better place to live in, where humanity is somewhere lost.”