Workshop/Training at YOLO

    Upskilling workshops and training have been an essential component of my learning curve throughout my journey with YOLO. These workshops are meant for growth and enjoyment. When you’re happy, your productivity and creativity increase. A brighter mood means better content, and isn’t that the goal of a workshop to begin with? Nobody shares the same world view, and their interpretation of something could be drastically different from yours. Fellow participants offer a startling unique view on your piece than what you see it as. Being part of a workshop is great for providing motivation as it’s a promise someone else will view your work.

    Workshops have helped me gain exposure by introducing new ways to publish or otherwise showcase their work.

    It's startling to note that while these workshops are available at exorbitant expenses online, YOLO has given me the opportunity to attend workshops on graphic designing, video making, basic and advanced Excel. Social media skills are becoming an absolute necessity in today’s time. As a direct result,workshops on these skills have become a necessity.

    However,the competitions on the basis of these competitions add a cherry to the top since this gives the opportunity to apply our skills. This has helped me and the whole team to build a sense of achievement,learning new skills everyday in the course of an internship has reclaimed the true meaning of internships.